Pendery's Texas Original Gift Box

These Gift Boxes have 3 seasonings that are True Texas Traditions:Original Chile Blend- Your grandfather's dark rich blend he sent you to the store for. Pendery's Original Blend is a combination of carefully selected ground chiles, the finest cumin, carefully propagated ground garlic and other spices. It has a consistent flavor due to the use of chiles tested for color and flavor. Add 3-4 tablespoons per pound meat for chili. Add less to tomato sauce for pasta and meat loaf for a great depth of flavor. 5.9 OzDad's Oven Smoked BBQ- Bake your ribs or brisket 1-3 hours in the oven, they will taste like 12 hours in the smoker. Massage meat with Dad's Rub and place in refrigerator all night, or in the morning to cook that night. Add beer, wine, oil, or butter if a baste is desired. 8.3 ozChisholm Trail- The combination Grady Spears recommended on the Food Network. Kosher salt, ancho, garlic, sugar, cumin. Use on steaks destined for the grill, baked potato, etc. 9.6 oz