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Custom Spice Blending and Packaging for the discerning chef at wholesale prices - All made locally at our facility in the Dallas Design District

Advantages of Custom Spice Blends

  • Quality – We use only the finest ingredients as in our Retail Stores and Mail Order Catalog. We have been selling spices mail order since the 1800s!
  • Consistency –Your formula will be exact, time after time, no matter who is working in your kitchen that day
  • Confidentiality – We have a standard non-disclosure form, and no one – including your employees will know your secret formula!
  • Convenience – It’s a time saver since your blend is ready when you are and ordering is as easy as adding to your existing FreshPoint order
  • Cost – Since we make your recipe in bulk, there aren’t any “left over” ingredients to order, store or go to waste and your time adds up to your money. Our Prices are very competitive!

Did we say competitive, we put our money where our mouth is. I don’t like wasting my time, so I certainly won’t waste yours!

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If you have a provider already – Send us your recipe and a copy of a recent invoice and we will waive our new product set up fee of $75 and beat them by 10% or give you a check for $100. That’s a no lose situation, and one of the easiest decisions you will make all day! Either way, you are guaranteed to make money!

Don’t have a provider yet? Send us your recipe, we will waive our new product set up fee of $75 and give you 50% off your first order. Sending your recipe is easy, send it by weight if you have a food scale or simply measure out teaspoons and cups next time you make it.
Phone: (800) 533-1870