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Columbus set sail for exotic regions of India in search of that coveted spice, black pepper. He, in blessed error, discovered the pristine continents of the Americas, and an unexpected treasure- the Capsicums. He returned from this first voyage carrying their seeds back to Europe.

The Spaniards came to the New World, lured by tales of Inca gold. They found Inca carvings of "Brother Chile Pepper" immortalized in stone as beloved deities of worship. They shared the Capsicum seeds with their homeland. By 1650, the cultivation and use of the Capsicums, as a seasoning, had spread throughout Europe, as well as Asia and Africa. An amazing phenomenon in the ancient world.

Through the ensuing centuries, the Capsicum popularity and cultivation has continued to grow. Why should this elicit surprise? They enliven their surroundings with their varied decorative appearance in shades of greens, yellows and reds. They enhance the most bland of dishes with an exciting depth of flavor. They effect a refreshing cooling sensation when eaten in hot climates. They exhibit medicinal values with vitamins and other reported health benefits. They enrapture a multitude of followers in a pod cult of clubs, magazines & memorabilia.

An inexplicable fascination, a playful delight, a sensual aura, an addictive pleasure envelop millions of people around the world. Let yourself succumb to the Capsicums!

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